Book binding

December 16, 2022

Are you printing your book for the first time or do you already have experience with it? You can come to us for a hardcover or softcover book. We at Drukcase print in large quantities in offset and print digitally in small quantities of 100 or more. We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of book binding and everything involved in this process. Feel free to contact us or visit our inspiration room full of different types of paper and bindings.

Binding a book can be done in several ways

Printing a hardcover book can have a different binding method than a softcover. A softcover can also have a different binding from a magazine. Here are four binding methods commonly used for books and magazines.

1 - Sewn binding

The inserted printing sheets are bound together per block using a thread in the spine fold. The individual quires are then stacked on top of each other and the spines are bound together.

2 - Adhesive binding

In wire-less glued books or magazines, the sheets are glued into the spine.  This method of binding is a lot cheaper than binding with thread. We call it glueless binding but it can also be known as glued binding.

3 - Stapled binding

We recommend a stapled/bound book for books with a lower number of pages. Think, for example, of catalogues, portfolios and club magazines. Brochures, magazines and journals are also often stapled.

4 - Wire-O binding

Wire-O is a binding method where a book is bound with a metal "double-ring" binding. There are many possible variations on this binding technique, such as hidden wire-O, half hidden wire-O, hardcover wire-O, etc. Feel free to visit us to see the differences.

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