Softcover book printing

If you would like to have a softcover book printed, then Drukcase is the right place for you. Softcovers are also known as paperbacks. This type of book has a thinner cover and remains popular among readers. Have your softcover/paperback printed where you can choose from numerous specifications.

Numerous possibilities

You also have the option of having the cover professionally finished. Think gloss laminate, foil print or spot UV, for example.
We print soft covers according to your wishes.

You can choose from different formats, number of pages and paper types. Even if you have a different format in mind, we can help you. Of course, you can also choose from different spine bindings. Choose, for example, a glued spine or a sewn spine binding.

We print your softcover book exactly as you want it! If you have doubts about certain specifications or if you want some inspiration, we would like to invite you to our inspiration room. Here you can take a look at productions we have made before. Check out the different book formats, experience how certain types of paper feel and which cover finishing you like best.

Favourable price

The printing costs of a softcover are in most cases lower compared to a hardcover book. The favourable price can be interesting for a limited budget. Of course, all paperbacks are produced to high quality standards. We only use FSCĀ® certified paper.

Whether you need a small or large print run of books, we will be happy to get to work for you.

Request a quote

To find out how much we can print your softcover books, request a quote. Fill in the specifications and we will contact you within 2 working days. We will select the most suitable printing company based on your requirements. Here, we look not only at the price, but also at the delivery time.

Softcover examples

Goed genoeg

A biography of the author Johan Toet

Handboek Social

A colourful and informative handbook of marketing strategy

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