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Inventory and advice

Have your own book, brochure or magazine printed? With Drukcase you have come to the right place! We start with an inventory of your wishes. What kind of paper do you want to use, what format and in what quantity? Together with you, we look for the best solution to deliver a high-quality final product. Naturally, you can count on our advice when it comes to paper type, binding method and covers, among other things.

As a printing agent, we have a large network of graphic companies at home and abroad. This allows us to carry out many types of productions. We are also happy to assist you if you have different wishes. Thanks to our experience of more than 15 years, we know exactly what the possibilities are and how we can realize the perfect end product.

Customised quotation

Requesting a quote is very simple. Enter the specifications of your print product via the quotation form. We will contact you within 2 working days of receiving your quote.

We distribute our printing within our network of more than 30 printing companies. We select the best offer and are happy to present it to you. We look at quality, delivery time and price.

Getting started

As soon as the quotation is accepted, we get to work for you. The paper is purchased, and we reserve the press at the printing company where your product will be printed. We take the agreed delivery time into account.

In most cases, a digital proof is made before the actual printing starts. This allows a final check to be performed before the printing process is started. If everything is in order, the printing presses are started.


When the books are ready, they arrive at our forwarding department. Upon receipt, we carry out an extensive quality check to ensure that the Printing is of good quality.

Once the check has been completed, we will send the printed matter to the specified address. Of course you also have the option to collect the books from us. We can also keep the books in storage for a certain period if this is desirable. We hope you are happy with the final product!

What do others say?

The inspiration room is a true journey of discovery through the world of printing, where customers can really experience the difference between the different paper types and binding methods. It was very valuable to be able to really experience the printing through smell, touch and sight, before making a choice. Plus, the personal touch of a delicious cup of coffee and expert advice completes the picture. As an international artist, I enjoy working with Drukcase. On to the next production. Kind regards, Mannon. www.paardenkooper.com

Manon Paardenkooper
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