Self-publishing a book

November 23, 2022

From script to book in 6 steps

We at Drukcase will help you in 6 steps from script to real book. This gives you the opportunity to publish your book yourself. Unlike publishing with a publisher, with self-publishing you keep control. You decide what the book will look like, we will advise you and arrange the printing as you see fit. Do you have no idea what the possibilities are? We are happy to invite you to our inspiration room full of paper types, bindings, covers and sizes. With our advice and experience over the years, we will choose what suits your book best.

Step 1 - hardcover or softcover

First of all, we choose between hardcover and softcover. A hardcover hardcover gives the book a more luxurious look and makes it last longer. A softcover  is more flexible and lighter, but also less expensive. Together we will look at which choice suits your book and your budget best. We will also determine the size together.

Step 2 - printed in colour or black

Do you want the inside pages printed in black only or also in colour? We will immediately advise you which paper is best suited to the book. Please note: all images and drawings must have a resolution of at least 300 DPI for sharp printing.

Step 3 - File delivery

We can only print a book if there is a certified print file. This is a PDF with cutting marks and bleeds and, where necessary, folding lines. See also our delivery specifications. If you cannot do this yourself, you can hire a designer or advertising agency. We have a good working relationship with several designers that we can recommend. Feel free to call or e-mail us for advice

Step 4 - Customized offer

Once you have decided on the cover type, size, number of pages and colours (black or full colour), all we need is the print run. On this basis, we will send you a quote.

Step 5 - Request an ISBN number

If you agree with the quotation, we can apply for an ISBN number for you. Your book is now registered. Then you can give us the order for printing. You do this by e-mailing us the print files, specifying the number of books you want. We will check your print files and if everything is ok we will start the presses.

Step 6 - Delivery or pick-up

You tell us when you want the books and where. Once all the books have been printed, we check by means of some spot checks that the books are good. It is rare that something is wrong. You will receive a message from us when you can expect the books or come to our office where we will personally hand you your book. As much a celebration for us as for you!

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